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Autistic Spectrum Condition and Learning disabilities

Spectrum Healthcare is able to support adults, young people and children on the Autistic Spectrum by providing a reliable, professional care team who are appropriately trained to deliver the highest standards of care.

We understand that each and every person is an individual and that because Autism is a spectrum disorder the degree of support required will vary enormously from one person to another. In order to ensure you receive the bespoke support you require, Spectrum Healthcare, Care at Home Team will work with you and your loved ones to promote a caring, safe and structured environment. We understand that feeling valued and secure enables you to achieve happiness and wellbeing and to grow in confidence.

Supporting care within your own home, Spectrum Healthcare’s experienced Carers will provide encouragement, help you access your local community, remain safe within your home environment and support with the development of routines and structures giving you the necessary skills to achieve your personal goals.

What is included?

Spectrum Healthcare are able to develop and amend the level of care provided as your needs change and adapt to situations where less or more support is required. We strive to help each person achieve their own aspirations in life whilst recognising and understanding that life itself can pose many questions to which some may find more challenging than others.

We understand how important it is that you are able to build trusting, long lasting relationships with a small team of Carers and that those supporting you receive regular training relevant to the continuous assessment of your care needs.

Further Information

Personal Care

Promoting independence is of paramount importance to Spectrum Healthcare and we will work with you to increase your own skills, providing encouragement and taking guidance from you and those closest to you as to what level of input is required.


We understand that communication is the most important element to building a positive and trusting relationship and that for people on the Autistic spectrum this is more than just about vocalisation.


Being cared for by the people who are the closest to you is often the most comforting and supportive environment to be in